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Welcome to beckywardrobe.com

Hello, I'm Becky...

Are you keen to create looks you love, that you feel good in, but also spend in a more sustainable manner?  I am here to help you and give you access to my rental wardrobe without costing us the earth.


I am on a mission to help you to positively connect with and rewear the wardrobe you already own.


People often say to me they have nothing to wear but they are the first to admit their wardrobe is fit to burst.  Somehow buying something new seemed easier!

Does this resonate with you? Have you considered working with a personal stylist online? Or in person?  Have you considered renting?

We all have so much in our wardrobes, but sometimes it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.  It can seem that the more we have, the better we feel, so our clothes can act as a safety blanket. Our wardrobes can offer freedom and clear thinking if everything in them has a part to play.

I believe that when you know what you own and when you have made time to edit and organise your wardrobe, you are able to rewear and reinvent outfits you love that you may never have worn or even considered wearing.  This all helps our individual sustainability journey.

'Becky helped me to make sense of my wardrobe again and to rediscover my style and love of clothes' - Sally, Hertfordshire.

You will feel so much happier and in control of your own unique style.  We are all individuals and it's great to be able to celebrate this. I will teach you how to manage your wardrobe along with wardrobe management tips.


When you feel confident, when you truly feel yourself, this is when you become your most powerful.

'Becky spent 3 hours at my house. She counselled me (emotionally), gave me the gift of time AND it will all help towards saving the planet.  I really benefited from the self-esteem boost too' - Ali, Tonbridge.

I'm not saying to never buy again as you can shop considerately, but you’ve spent time and money curating the wardrobe you already own.


Taking time to understand and connect with what is in your wardrobe will allow you to know what you have to work with.  You can then add as and when you need to with pieces that will enhance your wardrobe.


I promise you, it makes it so much easier to navigate your options and to get dressed in pieces you actually want to wear.

Whether you are looking for a holiday capsule wardrobe, or an outfit for a work event, I'll work with you to find the perfect pieces.

'Becky is amazing!  She's highly professional and really quickly understood what I needed and helped me to achieve it perfectly.  She has an incredible positive energy which is contagious and leaves you buzzing after any meeting with her' Amy, Blackheath.

What I can offer you

I believe your wardrobe is personal to you and I understand that opening up and sharing your wardrobe is a daunting prospect.  I offer my understanding, experience, energy, warmth, insight, eye and listening ear to work with you.  You will feel refreshed, reenergised and confident in your own individual style after spending time with me.

My styling experiences will help you to;

Rediscover and define your own unique style identity

Maximise, edit and connect you with your existing wardrobe

Plan ahead to confidently step into any moment

Create more time in your life

I want to share what I have so I also rent out my own personal wardrobe.

I am not only passionate about people and how they feel each day, I am passionate about a new way to dress and consume.

Let's spend some time together to reframe, reinvent and make your wardrobe work for you.

I offer complimentary 30 minute consultations so you can get to know me and learn more about what I can offer you.

I look forward to meeting you,



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