Your own private style confidante

'Becky spent 3 hours at my house. She counselled me (emotionally), gave me the gift of time AND it will all help towards saving the planet.  I really benefited from the self-esteem boost too' - Ali, Tonbridge.

'Becky helped me to make sense of my wardrobe again and to rediscover my style and love of clothes' - Sally, Hertfordshire.

'Everybody needs a Becky in their life, a wardrobe refresh and reframe is exactly what I got' - Deborah - Hampshire. 

'I've got nothing to wear'.  'My wardrobe is a mess'.  'I'm overwhelmed by my clothes'


These are the 3 statements I hear the most.  If you have ever heard yourself say any of these and you would like my help  please get in touch.

I believe your wardrobe is personal to you and I understand that opening up and sharing your wardrobe is a daunting prospect.  I offer my understanding, experience, energy, warmth, insight, eye and listening ear to work with you.  I offer my services by visiting your home or, my video virtual online services I call VIEW, where I virtually interact & edit your wardrobe especially during these staying at home times.

My clients feel refreshed, reenergised and organised after spending time with me.

I offer a number of services 


Wardrobe edits

Outfit building

Personal shopping

Holiday packing edits

My own personal wardrobe for rent

These are a benefit when selected individually or collectively as they complement each other.  We can create a bespoke service tailored to your wants and needs.

Together we will;

Create more time in your life

Rediscover and define your own unique style identity

Maximise, edit and connect with your existing wardrobe

Plan ahead to confidently step into any occasion

I want to share what I have so I also rent my own personal wardrobe.

I am not only passionate about people, I am also passionate about a new way to dress and consume.

I look forward to meeting you,




0773 946 0827

Sutton Valence, Kent

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