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Rent your best wardrobe

From my home in Sutton Valence Kent I offer my personal wardrobe out for rent.

[I am in the process of building a digital rental catalogue,  launching November 2020.  Here you will have full access to my wardrobe].

I am passionate about a new way to dress and consume and I have a wardrobe full of lovely product that I want to share with you.  

My wardrobe is very much about dressing for the everyday, wearing pieces that are comfortable and can be styled up or down.

I have what I call a few select 'heirloom' pieces that I treasure for special events [i.e. when I dress up]

I describe my style as relaxed, simple and minimalistic.

Renting from me will not only help our own sustainability journeys, it will make your wardrobe interchangeable and guilt-free in the knowledge that you haven't bought something else.

To quote a rental client 'It's more of a buzz when the clothes don't actually belong to you.  Lots of compliments and a little pep in my step!'

I have always named the pieces in my wardrobe, it brings them to life and gives them a personality.

It's exciting to see how someone else styles my pieces.  Each time they are rented they go on a new journey and they become unique to that person.

As a rental client you are also able to join me at my home. 

Please have a read of my COVID - 19 Guidelines

You can take your time to look through my wardrobe, talk to me and ask my advice, trying on at your leisure.

Some of my clients link a rental with one of my  personal styling experiences.

They often feel they are missing something from their wardrobe for a zoom call, a weekend away, a business trip, or an up and coming event, and they don't want to buy something for a one-off wear.  It is also a great opportunity to see if a missing piece could be a connecting capsule wardrobe piece for you.

You can find some of my wardrobe items for rent on my Instagram ahead of my digital catalogue launch.

Take a look at my rental T&C's


Reasons to rent from me

Please feel free to call me or email me for more information on this service or any questions you may have.


0773 946 0827

Sutton Valence, Kent

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