Wardrobe edit

Time is precious so to get dressed everyday shouldn't be a chore it should be a pleasure.  I can help you to edit, manage and connect with your wardrobe, and find pieces you may have forgotten about.

Pull out

Ahead of your wardrobe edit I will ask you to pull out your clothes and put them into product types, i.e, dresses, tops, trousers etc.


When you are putting each item of clothing into it's product type have a think about, when you last wore it, how often you wear it, how does it make you feel when you wear it, does it fit with your current lifestyle and what do you want to achieve out of your session.


We will go through each piece individually and discuss what it means to you.


As we discuss we will consider what you are going to keep and what you are going to pass on.  I will make a suggestion list of anything I think is missing from your wardrobe.

Put away

The final part of your edit will be to put your keep clothes back in your wardrobe in a way that works for you.

The recommended time for this service is 3 hours.


The edit will take place in your home and includes a follow up report.


Building and creating outfits from your wardrobe

I believe in individuality and finding a style that you are confident with.  We will build outfits together and find you exciting new options that bring you and your wardrobe alive.


We will start with you trying on pieces from your wardrobe and work out together what suits you and how they  make you feel.


From here we will build outfits together.  Finding the items that can be reworn in different ways and for different events.  I will take photos of the outfits we build, and where we have a virtual session ask you to take photos of yourself so you have a reference reminder.


By the end of our outfit building session you will be left feeling uplifted and confident, knowing that you will now be able to save time getting dressed.

The recommended time for this service is 3 hours.
The outfit build will take place in your home  and includes a follow up report.


Personal shopping

Knowing where to shop and what to buy can be overwhelming.  I can help you to focus on where to look, what to try and how to buy considerately.  Together we will discover pieces that you need to complement your existing wardrobe.

Your brief

Ahead of our personal shop I will ask you about your style, your lifestyle and what in particular you want to get out of our shop.  Some clients are specific in that they want to shop for.  As an example, a few considered items to refresh their wardrobe.

Research & planning

Once I know your requirements I will spend time planning where we go and what there is on offer.

Shopping considerately

When we meet we will visit my suggested stores and try on the products I have shortlisted for you.

The recommended time for this service is 3 hours.
£350.00 which includes my planning time beforehand and a follow up report.
The personal shop will take place in Central London unless you have an alternative suggestion.


Packing to go away

Packing can be daunting and stressful.  I can help you by taking the stress away.  Take what you need, and wear what you take, to make your break away relaxing and memorable.

Inside information

Ahead of our session I will ask you 3 key things, where are you going, how long for and what are you planning to do?


We will then build enough outfits to cover the length of your stay, the places and the activities you are planning and give you alternatives should you need to make any changes.


I finish off the session by helping you to pack using some of my packing tips.

The recommended time for this service is 1.5 hours.
The packing service will take place in your home.


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