Outfit Pick-Me-Ups in Lockdown

I am a firm believer that what you wear affects your mood, however I understand that getting dressed every day is not easy for everyone especially at this time. A Pandemic is not something we have ever experienced before and we are adapting to our new lifestyles and understanding more about ourselves.

We are not going anywhere, we are not really seeing anyone and if we are it is when we exercise, when we head out on our daily walk or when we partake in 'above keyboard dressing' on a Zoom call.

We have had to modify the way we dress and I think it's become easy for us to get in to the habit of pulling the same pieces on. We have taken on new daily roles and we just need to get dressed and get on with our day. Some of us even ask ourselves, what's the point in getting dressed?

As a Personal Stylist and as part of my Online Stying Experiences I have recently spoken to a few clients that feel like this. It creates a level of unease, a feeling of, 'have I lost my style and will I remember how to dress to go outside again?' We are questioning what we should be wearing.

My advice is be easy on yourself, don’t put yourself under too much pressure to feel like you have to make an effort every day. You will remember and I am here to support you if you need some advice. It's like riding a bike, you don't forget you just might feel a little rusty.

When I get dressed I always reach for something that ‘fits’ with the way I am feeling, and if it’s not right I know straight away and I change. On the days where the feeling is more challenging I focus on my go-to comforters, some quick pick-me-ups that help to lighten my mood and add a little something to my outfit. You don't have to always be 'dressed', but having the tools to know what helps to spruce your outfit up can make all the difference, I believe it also makes us more productive.

Here are some beckystakeawaytips to give you some pointers, some direction and some ideas. Have an experiment and enjoy doing it.


A special piece of jewellery goes a long way to brighten up your outfit and your mindset. Sometimes I add as the day goes on as I have been inspired by something or someone, sometimes I make a change, why not? There are many options when it comes to adding a piece of jewellery. You can go large with a chunky chain or necklace, or something more delicate and fine that holds more sentimental value and adds some comfort. A good earring, a bold and more colourful pair that really lights up your face. A bracelet or cuff that you can see and admire. Looking at one of my favourite more elaborate rings and twiddling it really helps.


A neck scarf is a super quick-fix to elevate your outfit. A printed one will add some fun and interest to your top half and there are SO many ways you can tie them. Head to my video post on my Instagram with some ideas. They also work well tied around your wrist, your waistband or as or headscarf.


I think brooches have been forgotten about. They are such a jolly way to add some decoration to your outfit and like a neck scarf there are many ways they can be worn. You can wear them in the more traditional way pinned under your collar bone on a lapel or to keep a scarf together. To experiment is fun so try adding to your shirt or blazer cuffs, or even your jeans pocket. Just be careful with the pins so as not to hurt yourself or damage your clothing.


I find that trying on a few pairs of my favourite shoes, admiring them and remembering how I felt when I bought them can make such a difference to my mood. Write a list as to where and how you are going to wear them on your next outing.


Something as simple as a pair of happy socks can bring an instant smile to your face. They can be comforting and snuggly. I wear my pair with a red fluffy heart on the side when I feel like some self-love, and when I want to cosy up my hiking socks. You can get creative and customise a pair, they are great ankle decorators.


Perfume can have such a positive affect on our mindset. It can instantly make you feel uplifted as it’s familiar to us. I think it’s an extension of our outfit and that is such a powerful thing. I have a couple of best friends who live down under [they both left for sunnier climes] and when I occasionally smell the scents they wear it gives me a sense of connection and I have a memories that make me smile.

I spray when I get dressed, spritz before I go on a Zoom call, and at any point in the day where I feel I want to freshen up. It’s for me, it puts a little spring in my step and I know I will be at my best.

Byredo Biblioteque is one of my favourites


Last but by no means least, never underestimate a colourful lip and what it can do for you. If you are not a lippy person then try a lip gloss, it will raise your mood.

If you have any outfit pick-me-ups I would love to hear them.

I'm heading off to experiment with a neck scarf or two!x

*Images are from my Pinterest boards*


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