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'Becky is amazing!  She's highly professional and quickly understood what I needed' - Amy,  South East London.

'Becky helped me to make sense of my wardrobe again and to rediscover my style and love of clothes' - Sally, Hertfordshire.

'Everybody needs a Becky in their life' - Deborah - Hampshire. 

'I've got nothing to wear'.  'My wardrobe is a mess'.  'I'm overwhelmed by my clothes'

These are the 3 statements I hear the most.  If you have ever heard yourself say any of these and you would like my help  please get in touch.

I believe your wardrobe is personal to you and I understand that opening up and sharing your wardrobe is a daunting prospect.  I offer my understanding, experience, energy, warmth, insight, eye and listening ear to work with you.

My clients feel refreshed, reenergised and organised after spending time with me.

I offer a number of services 

Wardrobe edits

Outfit building

Personal shopping

Holiday packing edits

My own personal wardrobe for rent

These are a benefit when selected individually or collectively as they complement each other.  We can create a bespoke service tailored to your wants and needs.

Together we will;

Create more time in your life

Rediscover and define your own unique style identity

Maximise, edit and connect with your existing wardrobe

Plan ahead to confidently step into any occasion

I want to share what I have so I also rent my own personal wardrobe.

I am not only passionate about people, I am also passionate about a new way to dress and consume.

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Cherish what we have.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for a while now, as I have lots of topics I’d love to share with you.

Having made many notes over the past year I had not got around to firming them into a plan, now seems to be the perfect moment to share, so today my message is ‘Cherish what we have’.

This is aimed at appreciating and looking after what we have in our wardrobes. Given some of us will have time to cherish everything a little bit more, I’ve pulled together the ways I care for my wardrobe.

My key tips for cherishing what you have in your wardrobe are;

1. As bright as a button - buttons have a tendency to come loose so I make sure I throw them a lifeline with a needle and thread. If they get lost and you can't find the spare then an alternative button can add some personality to your garment

2. Hang on - good hangers will allow your clothes to hang well and keep their shape

3. Steamy - I find steaming is easier on your clothes than an iron to get any creases out. If you don’t have access to a steamer then try hanging them in your bathroom whilst the showers on or your bath is running

4. Protecting your drawers! - washing your underwear in a laundry bag gives it distance from the drum

5. Pack it in - when packing put your shoes in shoe bags to protect them from contacting your clothes

6. The fuzz - a defuzzer can do wonders for your knitwear, you have to be patient but removing the bobbles gives your garment a real makeover and a new lease of life

7. Outside in - I turn my treasured pieces inside out to protect them from dust or getting damaged, I do this when they are hanging in my wardrobe or packed in my suitcase

8. Moths! - I shred newspaper and put this into a gauze bag, the moths don't like the smell of newspaper, it really works

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post. I hope you have found one or more of my tips useful, if you have any of your own tips I would love to hear them.

Until the next time,




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