Base Layer

Our underwear or lingerie is our base layer, it's what we reach for first when we get dressed. Our bra and pants can really make a difference to our day, they help us to feel feminine and empower us to be us.

I don’t think they get enough air time for the support they give. I reach for underwear that speaks to me each day. A certain colour can affect our mood and our approach to the day.

My career started out as a buyer’s admin assistant on the underwear department at Top Shop. My friends thought it was hilarious when they called me at work [mobile phones were kept in your bag back then] and I answered ‘Hello Underwear”. 'Hello pants they would say’.

It’s where your outfit and your confidence for the day begins. There is so much to say on the subject, here’s some beckystakeawaytips that I stand by.


Whatever your shape the correct fitting bra and pants will contour your figure and create the right silhouette for you. Your clothes will fall better and it’s mood-boosting when you know it fits well. I have certain sets that I wear during the month when my body changes with my hormones. I move from a soft bra to a more structured bralette for a little more support.


It’s worth buying well and spending time with someone to help you with the right fit. I advise this each time you buy new, our bodies change and adapt. I always buy two or three pairs of pants to each bra, I then get two or three wears from one bra and they get washed together. I have an underwear laundry day and I wash them by hand or I put them in a little laundry bag on a hand wash.


Underwear loses its shape. You can start to spot the signs of tiredness. I advise a shop for two or three sets at the same time, wear them consistently and replace within 6-12months. Your bra will need replacing more regularly if it’s a popular choice and you wear more often than the others.


Here are some of my favourite underwear brands to give you some undies inspiration.

Araks Hanro Chantelle

Your underwear really can be your superpower. Enjoy wearing it.


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