Personal Rental Appointments

Renting is an alternative way of shopping, a move away from owning every piece within your wardrobe and a chance for you to experiment with your own individual style.




I am passionate about a new way to dress and consume and I offer you the opportunity to visit me at my own home in Kent, for your own personal rental shopping experience.  I have a wardrobe of individual pieces that I have built over my twenty-three year career in fashion buying and now I want to share it, giving you the opportunity to rent from me and to style and enjoy my pieces in your own individual way.

I have always bought what I love, what I believe suited me and I would always have a reason to wear.

Why not try something new and join me in my home where you can browse my walk-in wardrobe and try items on in my separate dressing room.

My wardrobe is very much about dressing for the everyday, wearing pieces that are comfortable and that can be easily styled up or down.  My customers have rented from me for many reasons, to take pieces on their holiday, for weekends away, interviews or to add newness to their work wardrobes.

Renting will not only support our own sustainability journeys, it's a smarter way  to discover fashion and make your own trends.  Allowing your journey to be interchangeable and guilt-free in the knowledge that you haven't bought something else. 


It offers you the opportunity to wear something that you might have bought and worn only once, for that one occasion and for it to then sit taking up space in your wardrobe gathering dust.  You are able to try something new and different, to lighten your mood and hand it back when you have made the most of it.  My customers rent from me to experiment with a colour or a print as they want to be more adventurous, to see how they feel when they wear an item or a new brand and how it works with their lifestyle.  Some customers have gone on to buy a similar item as they realise it has become a wardrobe piece that cannot live without.

How does it work?

You can book an hour long visit with me via my Personal Rental Appointments calendar.  I will call you beforehand so that we can discuss what you are looking for and I can pull out a selection of items to fit your brief.  I will also fill you in on the finer details, deposits, cleaning, collection, returns etc.

When you visit you will have the chance to browse my walk-in-wardrobe to see if there are any other pieces you would like to try on and look to rent for the future.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more ahead of booking an appointment, as I understand this is a new concept and it comes with questions.  I offer a let's talk free video call  where you can find out more.  You can email me with your questions if you prefer.

I have an open wardrobe door to fellow personal stylists who are looking to discover rental pieces for their own clients, or businesses wanting to rent my items for a shoot or some creative direction.  *Separate T&Cs apply.

My rental pieces are priced individually and I offer a minimum three day rental.

Some clients have rented items for a month so they can really enjoy them and style them in different ways to make the most of a piece.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing how you wear my wardrobe.

Rent your best wardrobe from me without costing us the earth and have fun while doing it.

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