I invited the wonderfully warm hearted Becky from beckyswardrobe.com to my house do a wardrobe reframe and edit.
What I have always craved is someone to look at my style and re-invigorate the looks with new inventive ways of wearing them.  A wardrobe refresh and reframe is exactly what I got.
A massive thank you to Becky.  Everyone needs a Becky in their life.

Deborah, Hampshire - Wardrobe Edit


I had a beautiful injection of newness into my wardrobe for a fab week, just when I needed it. 
Lots of compliments, lots of ready to wear outfits and a little pep in my step.
It's more of a buzz when the clothes don't actually belong to you, it's a new feeling.
You can wear something new without the guilt of having bought something else.
It's been a fab week thanks to beckyswardrobe.com

Sally - South-East London - Rental

'I had the best three hours with Becky doing my wardrobe edit. I'd felt stuck in a rut with my clothes for the past few years since having children, not really knowing what suited me anymore for work or at weekends, and making some mistake purchases that I regretted. Becky helped me to make sense of my wardrobe again and to rediscover my style and love of clothes. I now have a beautifully organised wardrobe with lots of great outfit combinations that I hadn't thought of putting together before. She also suggested some key connecting pieces and accessories that will create even more options from what I have. Her approach to wardrobe planning and great sense of what works means that I can get dressed and out of the door in the mornings a lot quicker than before. I feel confident now that I have great options ready for formal and casual wear.'

Sally, Hertfordshire - Wardrobe Edit


I contacted Becky after deciding I really needed some fashion advice!  I work in gym wear all day and seem to end up wearing the same old comfy hoodies and jeans at the weekend.  Well I have to say it was the best experience!  I have recommended Becky to everyone.  She spoke to me in person and via email to discuss exactly what I wanted to achieve out of the day.  Becky was amazing!  She took all the thinking and decision making out of my mind.  She picked out colours that I've never worn [that suited me], we also chatted about staple pieces that I should have in my wardrobe.  Everything was in my price range which Becky stuck to throughout the whole experience.  All in all I felt very looked after.

Catherine, - Central London, Personal Shop

Becky is brilliant!  She put looks together for me that were not only relevant to me but were great suggestions on how to adapt my wardrobe to my changing pregnant body.  I would highly recommend Becky, Becky is creative, passionate and knows what she is talking about.....oh and if you love shoes you are in for a treat!

Macarena, East London - Outfit build and rental


Spending the day with Becky was not only incredibly productive but a blast too.  Becky helped me to prepare for a big event and I came away with an outfit I was over the moon with and I wouldn't have tried on otherwise!  I'm looking forward to working with Becky again, this time to redefine my wardrobe.  Can't wait!  Thanks Becky for putting a spring in my step again, you're the best!

Lucy, South East London - Personal Shop

October 2020mwebsite imagery 3.jpg

Becky is amazing!  She's highly professional and really quickly understood what I needed and helped me to achieve it perfectly.
She has an incredible positive energy

which is contagious and leaves you buzzing after any meeting with her. 
I have only met her recently, but it feels like we've been friends for years!
It is clear she genuinely cares about the people she meets and wants to make a positive impact through her interactions and work.  We need more people like Becky around!
I look forward to Becky's help again soon.
Thank you Becky!

Amy - South-East London - Rental


Becky is so friendly and approachable I was immediately relaxed in her company.  I chatted to her like an old friend, even although we had only just met. You can feel her passion about people, but also how we dress and consume.

Between Becky and I we drilled down to the detail of exactly what’s missing in my wardrobe – key, capsule items that will allow me to make more outfit combinations.  Then I was given a detailed and specific list with suggestions of where to purchase these items.  There were a few rediscoveries, and lots of outfit combinations that I’d never even considered putting together.  It’s definitely saved me money by changing the way I look at my wardrobe and in turn how I’ll continue to shop.  For me the environmental responsibility was a big consideration.  But actually I really benefited from the self-esteem boost too – thanks Becky!

Ali - Tonbridge - Outfit build


Becky styled an award winning shoot for me.  She was outstanding through all stages of the day.  Her wardrobe selection allowed us to create exactly the right style and direction.  Working under pressure with her fun, personable approach got the best out of the team.  I couldn't recommend Becky and her wardrobe highly enough.

Erminio Fiocca - Artistic Director Fresh Lifestyle