Digital Mood Boards

Do you feel like you want and need a style make over, but you really don't know where to start?  Your circumstances and lifestyle have changed and you want to rediscover and confidently interpret your individual style, in a way that works for you and where you are in your life right now.

My bespoke inspiration mood boards are perfect for you as they will give you some fresh direction and inspiring ideas to help and support you to define your own signature style.

Images and buzz words that will add a spring to your step and bring the energy and joy back to you and your wardrobe.  Outfit ideas for your everyday lifestyle, weekends away, holidays, work trips, an important meeting, where you can turn up and say what you want to say, rather than worrying about what you are wearing.   Ideas that allow you to reflect your own unique style, so you dress and still feel like you where ever you are, rather than dressing how you think you should.












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Prices start from £65.00 for your bespoke digital mood boards.

Purchasing a mood board also makes the perfect gift for your Mum, your sister, or a friend.  All of this giving you and your loved ones access to your own Style Coach.

To find out more and book your mood board, you can chat to me in a  Complimentary Consultation. 

I look forward to inspiring and motivating you and for you to feel comfortable, confident and empowered everyday in what you choose to wear.