Rent Your Best Wardrobe

I am passionate about The Circular Fashion Economy and I have a wardrobe full of lovely product I have been building over my twenty-three year career in fashion.  I have opened it up to share with you.

Renting from me will not only help our own sustainability journeys, it will make your wardrobe interchangeable and guilt- free in the knowledge that you haven’t bought something else.  Renting a piece will feel like 'new' to you.

"It's more of a buzz when the clothes don't actually belong to you, it's a new feeling.
You can wear something new without the guilt of having bought something else."

Sally, Head of Trend.

Rental Client.

Please browse some of my favourites below.






















I offer a View to Rent service.

A 30-minute video call that allows you the chance to virtually view a selection of my rental wardrobe pieces up close and personal.  I can try items on, talk you through the fit, the fabric and some suggested styling ideas. I will advise pricing, timing and delivery options.

If would like to find out more please get in touch below.  The View to Rent button will take you directly to my scheduling page, where you select your chosen date and time, or you can email me if you prefer.

I look foward to talking to you.