Considered Personal Shopping

I am not only passionate about people, I am also passionate about the Circular Fashion Economy and supporting smaller independent brands.  Sharing my advice and knowledge for a new approach to the way in which we dress and consume. 


As a fashion buyer for over twenty years, I shopped vintage all over the world.  I understand shopping vintage can be overwhelming, there is an art to it and I love nothing more than to help and support women to shop it with confidence and to explore and embrace their own trends.  There are so many items of clothing and accessories already in circulation waiting to be rediscovered, reworn and reinvented.

I also help my clients to shop from smaller independent brands, brands that mirror their own values.  To considerately purchase pieces that work in harmony as they are creative, durable, functional, practical and wearable.

Your brief

Ahead of your personal shop I will ask you about your style, your current wardrobe offering, your lifestyle, where you enjoy shopping and in particular what you want to get out of your shop.  Some clients are specific in what they want to shop for.  A few considered items to refresh their wardrobe.  Others want help and support to redefine and update their style as they have had a change in their personal circumstances, or they feel stuck in a rut and they want to be more courageous in how they dress.  Some women like to go on a treasure hunt and have help from me to know where to go and how to shop vintage as they have never done it before.


Once I know your requirements I will spend time researching and planning as to where we will go.  As your style coach, your personal stylist,  I can also shop online for you.  For online personal shops I will send you a report with suggested purchases that I believe will work for you and your lifestyle, and add value to your existing wardrobe, connecting pieces and items that you can rewear and reinvent with confidence.

Your personal shop will take place in London. 

Half-day-3 hours

Full-day-6 hours

Online-timing depends on your requirements

Prices start at £125.00 - £700.00

P.O.A for personal shops outside of London

To discuss and book your Considered Personal shop contact me here