Considered Personal Shopping

Knowing where to shop and what to buy can be overwhelming.  I can help you to focus on where to look, what to try and how to buy considerately.  Together we will discover pieces that you need to complement your existing wardrobe.  I am a huge fan of vintage and second-hand so I am able to help you navigate these kind of stores too, to find some one-off treasures and help you to further your sustainability journey.

I also rent out my own personal wardrobe.  A new way to dress and consume.

Your brief

Ahead of our personal shop I will ask you about your style, your lifestyle, where you currently enjoy shopping and in particular what you want to get out of our shop.  Some clients are specific in what they want to shop for.  As an example, a few considered items to refresh their wardrobe.

Research & planning

Once I know your requirements I will spend time planning where we go and what there is on offer. 

Shopping considerately

I am passionate about helping you to shop considerately as your own personal shopper.

The personal shop will take place in London. 

Need a personal stylist online?  I can also shop online for you.

Half-day-[3 hours]



Price:£150 - £700.00

P.O.A for personal shops outside of London

0773 946 0827

Sutton Valence, Kent

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