Christmas Gift Idea

My mood inspiration boards are perfect if you are looking to give a loved one an alternative gift this Christmas.  A tailor-made digital mood board, filled with ideas and inspiration and something your giftee may not have considered buying for themselves.  Creative direction to start the new year with a spring in their step and bring some energy and joy to their wardrobes and their signature style.

FTIO programme Instagram Post Flyer (1200 x 1080 px) (3).png

For the price of £65.00, your lucky loved one will receive a beckyswardrobe voucher, this will include a 20-minute video call with me, where they can tell me what kind of mood board they would like and how they want to be inspired.  It may be ideas on how to dress for work [a new job], a weekend away or some fresh ways to style their favourite wardrobe piece.  Following our fun conversation I will create a personal digital mood board for them.

If this sounds like the kind of Christmas gift you are looking for then email me here to book.