How long can I rent for?

It's flexible, whatever suits you.  You can rent for as little or as long as you like. Some clients rent for 2 days, others for 2 weeks.


Who does the cleaning?

Me.  You do not need to worry about the cleaning I will take care of this.


How does the delivery work?

I will personally drop off and collect your rental within London.  If you would rather a postal delivery this can be arranged.


What if I damage an item?

I am under no illusion that some of my pieces may get accidentally marked or damaged these things happen.  I have insurance to cover this.

All I ask is that you leave the repairs to me.


If you love something as much as me.

If you fall in love with one of my pieces then let me know, we can talk.



If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me


What happens if an item doesn't fit or suit me?

I offer a personal service so you can contact me directly and we can talk about the item[s] you are interested in.  I will provide measurements and if appropriate an alternative for you.  I also offer a pop in meet and greet where customers can try on a few pieces at my home or in a location convenient to them.


This Thursday evening, November 21st I am co-hosting a wellness event at Neal's Yard Remedies in Blackheath Village.

Inside out.  Outside in.

Alina the manager and myself will be discussing wellness, lifestyle and style tips.

We start at 18.30 for a couple of hours and there is limited availability remaining.

DM if you would like one of the few remaining spaces.


0773 946 0827

Sutton Valence, Kent

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