Becky's Wardrobe Styling Experience

I am happy to offer my clients the opportunity to visit me at my own home in Kent for their own personal styling experience.







My walk-in wardrobe and separate studio provide creative spaces for you.

It's a chance for you to breathe and escape your own wardrobe, where you can talk to me about you and your style and for you to check out my rental wardrobe too.  So, if you are wanting to treat yourself, some time for you, to rediscover your style, and you are looking for a different kind of styling experience, this experience is perfect for you.

I have welcomed clients who wanted to make the most of what they had in their wardrobes.  Pieces that they had never worn, as they didn't know how to wear them and they wanted advice and ideas on how to style them.  They brought along a selection of items [between 10 and 20 depending on their booked time] and I helped them to explore and experiment with new outfit ideas.  I also suggest connecting wardrobe pieces when I feel this will help to build even more opportunity to rewear and enjoy what you own.

 Some clients have wanted support to find a formula that allowed them to gain control and clarity over their messy and overwhelming wardrobes.  Using items from a section they had brought over and I suggested how best to organise them, so pieces were easy to find, saving them time getting dressed each day.  Taking what they have learnt home and applying this theory to the rest of their wardrobe.

This is your time, your experience and it's unique to you.  We can discuss the finer details before your visit and tailor it to your wants and wishes. 

I also have an open wardrobe door to personal stylists who are looking to discover rental pieces for their clients, or businesses wanting to rent my items for a shoot or some creative direction.

*Separate T&Cs apply.

Becky's Wardrobe Styling Experience is a 2 or 3 hour session.

2 hours at £180.00

3 hours at £250.00

*this does not include rental costs, but does include a cup of tea and a biscuit!

To discuss and book your Becky's Wardrobe Styling Experience contact me here

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