Becky's Wardrobe Reframe

I am so happy to be able to offer my clients the opportunity to visit me at my own home in Sutton Valence, Kent.

My walk-in wardrobe and separate dressing room provide creative spaces for you to have some you time, to breathe and escape your own wardrobe space giving you the chance to feel re-energised and refreshed.


I suggest that you bring along a selection of between 10 - 25 pieces depending on the booked in experience time.  We can discuss the finer details before you visit.

For example, these may be pieces that you;

  1. LOVE but don't wear as you are not sure how you can wear them and would like some styling advice and  some wardrobe tips.  Or you want to wear more and need some alternative styling tips.

  2. You live in a capsule wardrobe piece and you want to update it as it feels a little too worn in.

  3. You have lost weight or put a sneaky few pounds on and you want some  style advice on how to make your favourite wardrobe pieces still work for you.  Or you want to find an alternative capsule wardrobe piece for this moment in your life.


 When you visit me in my home, I support you with my styling advice around the chosen selection from your own wardrobe.


It will also give you the chance to have a look through my rental wardrobe and try a few bits on, you never what you might discover and what you might want to rent from me!

The recommended time for a Becky's Wardrobe Reframe is 3-5hours.

Prices range from £285.00 - £475.00.

*this does not include rental costs


0773 946 0827

Sutton Valence, Kent

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